Wealth and Investment Management


DeFi & FinTech Investment Manager

Different DeFi tools for your crypto assets are available for yield farming, such as staking and investing.


Decentralized Crypto Hedge Fund

Create and manage your crypto hedge fund for your private use or a public fund to manage third parties assets. Decentralized crypto funds are entirely on-chain, Real-time performance evaluation. Set return rates, calculate risk, or invest your money in different funds offered in Samurai Invest.


Asset Management Strategies & Insights

Advisor strategy replication, social trading, securities brokerage and curated news. Neutral and unbiased financial recommendations.


Portfolio Rebalancing & Trading
Automations (upcoming)

Automatic portfolio rebalancing for multiple investment strategies, portfolio composition, risk management, and yield optimization. Optimization from minimal amounts to huge portfolios. Rule-based trading tools to automate strategies through bots with ease. Wealth building through earnings reinvestments.


AI Investment Robot (upcoming)

AI Bot to search the multi-chain identifying high-yield investments to incorporate into the portfolio. Financial butler adapted to each user. AI future trend chart analysis and recommendations. AI NLP (Natural Language Processing) chat robot for better usability.


DEX / AMM (late 2023)

Decentralized Exchange and Automatic Market Maker offering various DeFi services through Smart Contracts

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