Multichain DeFi / Fintech Wallet and Aggregator


DeFi Multi-chain Wallet

Shinobi Wallet can operate in different protocols for storing, swapping, lending, buying, and selling crypto assets. Secure & private biometric authentication. Multilingual.


NFT Wallet & Marketplace

Store, import, buy or display your NFTs directly from the Wallet. Loan or rent them to earn yield.
NFT utilities. Exclusive collaborations with content creators in art and games.


TradFi Debit & Credit cards

Multiple debit and credit cards are available to use internationally in physical or online stores and to withdraw cash from ATMs at a minimal spot rate.


Multi-source Payments

Payments through multiple different sources to minimize commissions: crypto, FIAT, transfer, cashless. Allowing direct, P2P, group, split, BNPL, or QR payments.


FIAT Multi-currency deposits

Keep multiple FIAT deposit accounts to store your JPY, US Dollars, Euro, or other currencies.


Lending & Borrowing (2023)

We offer flash, P2P, crowdfunding, and TradFi banking loans with different maturity and interest rates. Easier access and immediate approval through blockchain.

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